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IT Departments Are Frequently Overstretched and Overworked. How FLEX Support Can Ensure IT Managers Have More Time for Implementing New Technologies.

For many IT departments there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. 18% of IT professionals in the UK said that they work more than 60 hours a week, and 35% said they work at least 50 hours a week.

Organisations are heavily dependent on their IT department to leap into action when things go wrong, but when IT departments are constantly fighting fires, they have less time to be proactive about identifying and implementing new technologies.


The Challenge

A survey produced by Spiceworks IT shows that IT departments with more dedicated help desk technicians work fewer hours on average. It’s clear that the workload associated with fixing end user issues consumes a considerable amount of time so adding support personnel can help free up time for IT staff. However, many companies simply don’t have the resources to take on extra personnel. Furthermore, there might be times when an IT department is particularly overstretched, and there is no point in taking on more IT staff during a busy period to have these new staff members sitting around with nothing to do only a few months later.


Outsourcing some IT tasks is one-way organizations can reduce the time and money spent on operations, and give the IT department more time to dedicate to strategic business initiatives.

However, there is a concern amongst many IT departments that if they outsource some of the roles carried out by their team, they will lose control over how that task is done. Another concern is that the inhouse team will have to dedicate time explaining how they would like the work to be carried out, and the company they outsource the work to won’t have the same familiarity with the network.

There are other potential issues with outsourcing IT roles which include the priority in which the outsourcing company places the task. Call outs during weekends and holiday periods can be expensive, and you could get pushed to the back of the queue if a company who spends more money with the outsourced company has an issue at the same time. Security measures may need to be implemented to protect company data. While outsourcing IT roles can also negatively affect team morale as employees can feel that their job is being threatened and that it could eventually lead to them being replaced.

FLEX Support

For those IT departments who are occasionally overstretched but want to keep a large amount of control over their network FLEX support by Comms-care could be the solution. FLEX is a scalable, responsive extension to an organisation’s own IT function that seamlessly augments in-house technical support services for organisations of all sizes. The IT Manager remains in full control as the reactive technical assistance is fully-scalable. Companies can purchase as little as 10 hours which can be used at any time in a 12-month period ensuring that support is offered on an ad hoc basis to cover for skills shortages, staff holidays, illness, and when staff are busy with internal projects.

The service provides centralised call logging and management with level 2 & 3 technical support. Flex offers a multi-vendor solution, and issues can be escalated to the vendor meaning that problems can be diagnosed quickly and easily.

Monthly reporting on all supported services under the FLEX Support agreement is made available, which includes a summary of each incident logged and the number of support units which have been spent on each case. 

Why Comms-care

Flex support is available exclusively through Comms–care. The company supports channel partners across the UK and Ireland working alongside more than 600 channel partners, which in turn support over 9000 end users. Comms-care became an Ingram Micro company in 2016, so they have the backing of a Fortune 100 company who are the largest technology distributor of IT globally.

Steel City Consulting have an excellent working relationship with Comms-care. We are backed by dedicated team of account managers who are able to jump on a call or offer first-class technical assistance, which is why Comms-care are our number 1 channel partner for support and services.

To find out more about this service, and other services we can offer from Comms-care please see our website at or contact our team today on 0114 400 0038.

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