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About Us

Steel City Consulting is a value-added IT reseller offering innovative end-to-end services and solutions that streamline the IT process. The company works with businesses in virtually every sector, right across the UK.

Founded in the heart of Sheffield, the company is driven by dedication, professionalism and sheer hard work that epitomise the city of steel. We believe that technology should never be a barrier to business, and we combine convenience and simplicity with a commitment to service.

Steel City Consulting work closely with the largest IT manufacturers in the industry and have carefully chosen our partners to bring our customers the most innovative and dynamic solutions.

The company is fronted by founder and CEO, Daniel Birch, who has over a decade of experience in the sector. Dan appreciates that the networks, systems and infrastructure his team delivers become the backbone of your business.

Our Company Values 

The company's ethos is to forge strong, lasting client relationships built on trust and honesty and aims to gain a deep understanding of its clients' requirements. "I want to build a profitable company but one that delivers excellent value for money solutions" states Dan. "I've worked for companies in the past and it was all about getting the sale, whether the company needed the service or not. Steel City Consulting is about offering the right solution at a fair price and building lasting relationships".  

Steel City Consulting puts its five main values at the heart of its business. These are: integrity, reliability, perseverance, deliverability, and dedication. Everything the company does is carried out with these values in mind.

Our Clients

Our clients prioritise technology and its performance within their business. The majority of our work includes office and building communications infrastructure, including networking and server solutions.

We have experience in the public sector, including schools and local councils, hospitality, retail, and many IT-centric businesses with complex needs. 

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